Have you ever been belittled? How did it feel?


Proverbs 11:12. Whoever belittles his neighbor lacks sense,

When we belittle someone we treat them as if they are not important. We look down on them. Often we belittle others with our words.

  • That’s stupid.
  • I can’t believe you just did that.
  • You’re no good at that, are you?
  • So what, anyone could do that.
  • Nobody likes you.

Have you ever been belittled? Have you ever belittled someone? Solomon says that when we belittle someone else it actually proves that we lack sense. What he means is that we fail to see that belittling others will only make us lose friends not gain them. Usually we belittle others to make ourselves look cooler, better, or smarter. But over time belittling others will only drive everyone away from us and we will be left with no friends at all.

Jesus is the only person ever that could look down on others and belittle them because he is the only person ever to be perfect. But guess what. Jesus never belittled anyone. In fact, he hung around with the people that others belittled. He treated everyone with kindness and respect. How? Because he had nothing to prove and nothing to lose. And when you have Jesus, neither do you. When you have been lifted up by God, there’s no need to put others down.

Because of Jesus we are lifted up by God’s love.

With Jesus we can lift others up, not put them down.


Write some “Build Up Words” on cards or slips of paper. For example: That Was Great; You Did a Good Job; I Like It When You ___. Carry one of these cards with you today and practice saying words that build up to others.


Jesus, you never put me down, you only build me up. Help me to build others up with my words too. Amen.


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