Do you like to share? Why or why not?


Proverbs 11:24. One gives freely, yet grows all the richer; another withholds what he should give, and only suffers want.

Solomon wants his kids to grow up to be givers and sharers. He wants them to be generous. Have you heard that word before?

Solomon compares two kinds of people. The one who gives and the one who withholds. The one who gives, gets. The one who withholds, loses. Solomon is teaching us a very basic principle here, one that is illustrated by a farmer. Imagine if a farmer held on to all his seed and never gave it to the ground? He would never get more crops would he? But when he gives the seed to the earth, he gets more and more crops with more and more seeds.

Have you ever wanted to not share because you were afraid of losing it all? Toys. Candy. Money. But Solomon wants us to remember that the more we give and share, the more we will make friends who will give and share with us. But if you try to hold on to everything and fail to be generous, well, no one will like you very much will they?

Of course God himself lived by this principle too didn’t he? He gave us Jesus, his only son. He could have said, “I only have one Son, I can’t share him with the world.” But by giving Jesus to us to die on the cross for us, he made it so that he could have many more sons and daughters – you and me! God gave freely in love and grew all the richer in those he loves and who love him back.

Now we can do the same. When you know that with Jesus you always have everything you need, then being generous become easier and easier.

Because of Jesus we have everything we will ever need.

With Jesus we can be generous like God.


Make a plan to give something away. Clothes. Toys. Money. Talk about how we might not see the result of this with our eyes every time, but we will feel it in our hearts that we did something kind. Sometimes “richer” is not about things.


Jesus, I don’t want to hold on to my things, I want to share like you. Help me to remember that I have everything I need from you. Amen.

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