TLIC Family. Day 264. September 21: Walk in a worthy manner.


Where do you live? How does WHERE you live change HOW you live? (if you lived in a different place how would life be different?)


As you grow up, over and over, you will most likely be told to “become what you want to be.” But the message of the Bible is the exact opposite. God tells us through the Bible that we should “be what we are.” Listen to how Paul says it to the Ephesians here in chapter 4:

Ephesians 4:1. I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called,

Paul is telling this church that they should be what they are.

What are they?

They are “called.” Called? Yes, called by God to live a life that is connected to Jesus.

Paul is using the Old Testament story of Abraham to teach us about how to be a Christian. Abraham was called. He was called by God to leave the city of Ur and move thousands of miles away to live in the Promised Land of Canaan. And when Abraham got to the Promised Land, God told him to walk around throughout the land remembering the promises of God as he went from place to place.

When Abraham lived in Ur he didn’t trust God at all. But when he lived in the Promised Land he lived “worthy of his calling.” He lived trusting and obeying God.

And we can too.

Just like Abraham we are called out of a sin filled place to go live with God in Jesus. Jesus is our new home, our land, our promised land. We walk around in him. Not literally or physically, but spiritually. We trust him and his grace. We believe in his promises, just like Abraham trusted God and believed in his promises.

We don’t try to “become what we want to be.” We BE what we have ALREADY BECOME by God’s love and grace through Jesus.

Because of Jesus we have been called to live with God in his promises.

With Jesus we can be what God has already made us to be – connected to Jesus.


Go for a walk together. Talk about how WHERE you walk determines HOW you walk. Walking in the mountains is different from walking in the sand or snow. In the same way walking (living) in Jesus determines HOW we walk (live).



Keep changing me today into what you want me to be in you.



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