TLIC Family. Day 273. September 30: To die is gain.


What happens to us when we die?


One of the best things about being connected to Jesus is that you don’t have to ever be afraid of anything – even dying. Listen to how Paul says it here in Philippians 1:

Philippians 1:21. For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.

Most people don’t like to think about death or dying. The truth is that most people, especially people who don’t know Jesus, are afraid of dying. Most people see death as loss. They believe that when we die we lose everything. And so they might work really hard to leave something behind. Like money. Or a big house. Or something famous.

But the truth is that if you don’t know Jesus then when you die you do lose everything. You can’t take any of your stuff with you and if we wait long enough, eventually everyone is forgotten.

But WITH Jesus everything is different. Paul says that death isn’t loss, it is gain. When you have Jesus you never have to be afraid of dying because death is only the beginning of being with Jesus forever. For Christians death means gaining perfect love, perfect peace, perfect happiness, perfect friendship, and even a perfect place.

All of this is possible because Jesus also knew that his death wasn’t losing but winning. It wasn’t loss, it was gain. What did Jesus gain by dying on the cross? YOU! And me. And what do we gain when we die? JESUS! And each other.

So don’t be afraid today. Jesus has you in his hands through everything in life and in death.

Because of Jesus we will live forever with God.

With Jesus we never have to be afraid of anything, even dying.


Here’s a classic hymn to sing together.



With you I never have to be afraid. You made sure that I will live forever with you. Thank you!



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