TLIC Family. Day 288. October 15: So walk in him.


How does a person become more like Jesus?


When I was a younger Christian I always thought that we got saved by Jesus by grace, but once we were a Christian we became good people by trying hard to be good. Have you ever thought that way? Let me show you something Paul said to the Colossians that helps us to see things more clearly:

Colossians 2:6. Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him.

What is Paul telling us? He’s telling us that the way we got saved is the same way that we stay saved forever. The way we started with Jesus is the same way we finish with Jesus. The way we received Jesus is the same way we live every day after that with Jesus.

And how is that?

By grace.

As you grow up both physically and spiritually don’t ever think that you have outgrown your need for God’s grace through Jesus. We never, ever, ever, stop needing our savior Jesus to love us and change us and cleanse us of sin.

Sometimes Christians think that God’s grace runs out. Or that eventually God expects us to be able to get through the day by ourselves without his help. Sort of like when mom or dad help you with homework but they can’t help you take the test. You have to pass all the tests on your own in order to prove how smart you are, or how much you’ve learned. But that’s not how God is at all. Jesus helps us with the homework and he has taken all the tests for us already. His A+ is our A+. His perfect score is given to us. We will need his help every day for the rest of our lives, and that’s great. That’s grace! That’s God’s glory on display – him helping us.

You never stop needing Jesus.

You never need more than Jesus.

You never need to add anything to Jesus and his love.

You can and should always run to Jesus for all the love you need.

Because he will always love you no matter what.

Because of Jesus we will always have all the love we need.

With Jesus we can learn to trust God’s love more and more each day.


Watch this “back to basics” scene from the Mighty Ducks. Talk about how Jesus always wants us to go back to the “basics” of loving and trusting him.



You are all I need and all I will ever need. Help me to trust and rely on you every day of my life.



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