TLIC Family. Day 298. October 25: Whatever you do.


What does your name mean? Do you live up to your name?


Are you a Christian? If you are then you carry the name of Jesus with you wherever you go and in whatever you do. Listen to how Paul says it to the Colossian Christians here:

Colossians 3:17. And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

Christians don’t live from a set of rules, or the Ten Commandments, or “biblical principles.” They live from Jesus. They live from his name. His life. His character.

Notice that Paul doesn’t tell the Colossians to make sure they obey a new list of commandments. He doesn’t just say “Do this,” or “Do that.” He says that WHATEVER we say, and WHATEVER we do, we should be able to do it from the name of Jesus.

Jesus is our rule.

Jesus is our principle.

Jesus is our way of life.

We live FROM Jesus and FOR Jesus. His love guides all that we do. We know that he loves us and so we love others.

So how do we know what “whatevers” we should or shouldn’t do? Should we play soccer? Should we go to that movie? Should we share our games? Should we cheat in school? Should we listen to mom and dad? Should we go to church? Should we complain? Should we work hard in school? Should we (fill in the blank).

To answer the question “Should we ___?” we can ask these two questions: 1) Can I do this and still show off the love and kindness of Jesus? And 2) can I give thanks to God for this?

So “should I share my games?” – Yes and yes.

“Should I cheat on my test?” – No and no.

The next question is “How do I do the ‘whatevers’ that I choose to do?” It may be fine to do something but HOW you do it might not be like Jesus.

So should I play soccer? YES (if you want to). How should I play soccer? In the name of Jesus.

In the name of Jesus?

That’s right. In Jesus’ name just means that you are playing for his glory and not your own. You are playing to show off his kindness by being a good teammate, and a good opponent. Playing without selfishness and anger. Playing to reflect him and not just to win.

What are the “whatevers” that you will do today? How can you do them FOR and FROM the name of Jesus?

Because of Jesus we live for and from him.

With Jesus I can do everything for his glory instead of my own.


Talk through with your kids the various activities and responsibilities (school, family, sports, music, hobbies, games, etc.) that they are involved in. Talk about how they can do them for the glory of Jesus instead of for their own glory.

Here’s a great hymn to sing together.



You did everything for the glory of the Father, help me to do everything for the glory of your name.



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