TLIC Family. Day 308. November 4: Set the believers an example.


Who has been a good example to you of a Christian?


We all need good examples don’t we? Hopefully you have lots of good examples in your life. An example is someone that shows you how to do something. A coach is an example of how to play a sport. A teacher is an example of how to learn or study. Your parents give examples of how to take care of a house and family. Your pastor is hopefully an example of how to read the Bible.

But above and beyond examples of how to do specific things like hit a baseball, or play the violin, or load a dishwasher, we need examples of how to live for Jesus. We need someone to show us how to love him and trust him. And we too can be an example of how to love and trust Jesus. Here’s how Paul, who was an example to Timothy, said it:

1 Timothy 4:12. Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity. 

Paul is telling Timothy to be an example for other Christians. Why? Because, like we said, everyone needs an example. We all need to hear about Jesus, but we also need to SEE Jesus in each other. And that’s why God gives us people who can be an example of Jesus for us. Who are your examples of Jesus? Who shows you what it looks like to love and serve like Jesus did?  

And don’t forget YOU can be an example too. Paul tells Timothy to be an example to others even though he is still young. Timothy can talk like Jesus, act like Jesus, love like Jesus, trust like Jesus, and obey like Jesus. And so can you!

Why can we be an example of Jesus?

Because Jesus is much more than our example. He’s our Savior! And because he saved us from our sin we can follow his example without any fear of failure because Jesus loves us no matter what.

Because of Jesus and his salvation, we can follow his example without fear of failure.

With Jesus we can be an example to others of love and faith and obedience.


Play “Simon Says” together.  Talk about how Simon asks us to do thing “like him,” but he also wants us to mess up. But Jesus doesn’t ever try to trick us into messing up like Simon does. Jesus only asks us to do what we are truly able to do.



Help me to follow your example and help me to be an example to others by your grace.



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