TLIC Family. Day 310. November 6: The grace of God has appeared.


What is grace? Have you seen grace recently?


Grace is an idea. It’s a very important idea, especially for Christians. Grace is at the center of Christianity. We are saved by God’s grace aren’t we? Grace is God’s love and kindness given to us even though we don’t deserve it. The word grace in the Bible means GIFT. When we think about God’s grace we don’t usually talk about it as something you can see or touch. But Paul did. Listen to how he describes grace to Pastor Titus here in the book of Titus (can you find the book of Titus in your Bible?):

Titus 2:11.For the grace of God has appeared, bringing salvation for all people

Pastor Titus wants the people in his church to live godly lives. He wants them to seek God instead of seeking selfish sins. And Titus’ church was pretty rough. There were lots of sins happening in and around the church neighborhood. So his question for Paul was, “How do I get the people in my church to act like good and godly Christians?”

Paul’s answer wasn’t to give them more rules to follow. Why? Because rules and law don’t make us more godly or more gracious. They can only show us how bad we are not how good we can be. Instead only grace can truly change our hearts. Only God’s kindness can make us want to obey him.

And Paul is telling Titus has “appeared” to us. What does that mean? How can an idea appear to us? The answer is Jesus! When Paul says that God’s grace has appeared to us he means that God’s grace is a person – Jesus Christ who saved us. That’s the greatest grace ever.

And the more we look at Jesus and his grace each day, the more we will want to obey God (more about that tomorrow). And the more we look at Jesus as grace appearing, the more we will see that we too can be grace appearing. We can be God’s kindness in the flesh, made visible for others to see.

Because of Jesus we will always know God’s grace.

With Jesus we can show God’s grace and kindness to others.


Be grace appearing together. What is an act of kindness that you can perform as a family for someone and thus become the visible grace of God like Jesus?



You are God’s living grace. His kindness that came to us and died for us on the cross. Help me to always look to you as God’s grace and help me to always be God’s grace appearing to others.



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