TLIC Family. Day 325. November 21: Perfected for all time.


Are you perfect?


Are you perfect?

Hopefully you said no. The truth is that none of us is actually perfect are we? We all make lots and lots of mistakes. And we commit lots and lots of sins. Even with Jesus we still make bad choices and get angry or do mean things. Sometimes we are so bad that we think God must be really, really mad at us.

But he’s not.

In fact, one of the greatest promises that God makes to us is that when we trust in Jesus to take away our sins we are made perfect forever. Here’s how the book of Hebrews says it to us:

Hebrews 10:14. For by a single offering he has perfected for all time those who are being sanctified.

The “single offering” is Jesus. By his offering of himself on the cross for us he has “perfected us for all time.” All our sins and mistakes are taken away forever.

So are you perfect?

Well in Jesus you are. Have you trusted in Jesus to take away your sins and come live in your heart? If you have then God counts you as perfect. He counts you as being just as perfect as Jesus is. No guilt. No shame. No debts left to pay. No disease left to cure.

But how can the Bible call us perfect. What if we still sin?

Yes, we will all still sin. And that is why the next part of our verse says “those who are being sanctified.” To be sanctified is to be made like Jesus. So our verse is saying that God sees us as perfect and he is still making us perfect like Jesus at the same time.

And one of the most important things you need to learn as a Christian is that the only way to become more and more like Jesus is by knowing that God already sees you as being like Jesus. We become better as we trust that we already like the best – Jesus.

And no matter what you do nothing can change that. No matter how imperfect you act, God will always call you perfect as long as you trust Jesus’ perfection and not your own.

Because of Jesus we are perfect to God.

With Jesus even when we sin we can know our sin doesn’t change how much God loves us.


Look at your kid’s homework together. Talk about why it’s so important to do our own homework so that we can learn the material. But talk about how obeying God’s law is something that none of us could ever do, so Jesus did it for us – he did our homework for us so that we could get the same grade he gets. A+



You have given me your perfection. Help me to trust your perfection and become more like you every day.



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