What are some of the choices you have made today so far?


What we do is really, really important to Jesus. The choices we make and the way we behave matter to God. Here’s how Paul says it in Romans 6:

Romans 6:13.Do not present your [body] to sin as instruments for unrighteousness, but present yourselves to God as those who have been brought from death to life, and your [body] to God as instruments for righteousness.

In the Old Testament people would present things, and animals, and even babies or themselves to God to be used by God. Lambs were presented to God. And cups and bowls were presented to God. One time, King David presented a cup of water to God. Hanna presented her baby Samuel to God and he grew up to be a great priest and prophet.

And today God wants us to present ourselves to him too. He wants us to live our lives for him.

But notice what Paul says in our verse for today – “as those who have been brought from death to life.”

We don’t present ourselves to God in order to get eternal life. We don’t do what is “righteous” in order to earn God and his love. NO! We give ourselves to God because he has already brought us out of death and into life. We present our bodies to be used by God for righteousness because we are already declared righteous by God when we put our trust in Jesus.

Have you done that? Have you placed your trust in Jesus? Has Jesus alone made you perfect, forgiven, and righteous?

If he has then it is time to start living for God! It’s time to start making choices that show that we belong to Jesus and that we share in his goodness.

Choices like sharing.

Choices like working hard in school.

Choices like being nice to the other kids that nobody else is nice to.

Choices like helping others.

Choices like standing up for what is right.

Choices like obeying your parents and teachers.

When we make these kind of choices we are presenting ourselves to God just like Jesus did. Not so that we can make Jesus like us more, but because he already likes us no matter what.

Because of Jesus we are declared to be righteous.

With Jesus we can live right for God each day.


Mulan is a great movie demonstrating someone who presented herself for righteousness (helping her father and her people).



I want to give my life to you and make choices that show your kindness to the world. Please help me!



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