Would you rather have someone be nice to you because they had to, or because they wanted to?


Why does God love us?

God loves us because he loves us. And God wants us to love him because we love him. Not because we have to, or because if we don’t love him then we will get smashed by God. God wants us to obey him because we trust him and know that his rules are good. Not because we are afraid of failing or because we want to earn good things from God like getting stickers from your teacher.

God doesn’t want us to live under law, he wants us to live under grace. Here’s how Paul says it in his letter to the Romans:

Romans 6:14. For sin will have no dominion over you, since you are not under law but under grace.

The Bible teaches us that we don’t have to be controlled by sin and selfishness. We don’t have to be greedy, or mean, or disobedient. Sin doesn’t have to have dominion (control) over us. Why? Because we are under grace not law.

What does that mean?

It means that when you are a Christian you no longer have to earn God’s goodness by being good and obeying all his rules. Why? Because nobody but Jesus could ever obey all of God’s rules. And he did! He alone could be perfect, and he alone was perfect. So that means that we are left with simply trusting the grace and kindness of Jesus in sharing his perfection with us. His score is our score. His trophy is our trophy. His stickers are our stickers. That’s grace! And that grace is now our new rule for life. The only rule we have to obey is to trust God’s grace.

Oh and guess what? When you trust God’s grace and goodness then you will want to obey his rules too. You’ll want to be kind. You’ll want to share. You’ll want to obey mom and dad. You’ll want to praise God and go to church. You’ll want to show grace and kindness to others. You’ll want to love because you know that God loves you no matter what.

Because of Jesus we are under grace not law.

With Jesus we can show grace and kindness to others too.


Sing Amazing Grace together. Here’s a great version by The Sing Team.



Only you could survive being under the perfect law. And because you did now I can live under your amazing grace.



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