Who do you know that is wise?


Proverbs 1:2. To know wisdom and instruction, to understand words of insight,

King Solomon wrote and collected all the proverbs so that we might be wise. God gave us the Bible so that we might be wise. Jesus came to earth to die for our sins and offer us his life so that we might be wise. So we might say that being wise is pretty important.

But what does it mean to be wise? Solomon wants us to know wisdom, but what is wisdom?

Wisdom is skill in living. Wisdom isn’t only knowing what to do (that’s part of it), but it is knowing how to do it, when to do it, and why you do it. A person can be smart (knowing what to do) and still not be wise (knowing how to do it). A person can be obedient (doing the right thing), but still not be wise (knowing why it is the right thing).

The Bible says that Jesus was not only smart and good, he was wise. And not only that, Jesus IS wisdom. Jesus is why we do what we do. Jesus is how we do what we do. For example, if you get and A+ on a test but then brag about it, then you are not being like Jesus and therefore you are smart but not wise. If you obey mom and dad and clean your room, but grumble in your heart about it, then you are not trying to please Jesus and therefore you are obedient but not wise.

So let me ask you, are you wise? Do you want to be wise? Do you want to live life the right way? Then know Jesus. Look at Jesus. Love Jesus. But most importantly, know that Jesus loves you because that’s where wisdom starts – with God’s love.

Because of Jesus we are loved by God.

With Jesus we can live and love like God.


Talk about the difference between knowledge and wisdom. Look at the books in your house. Do they give knowledge about a subject or do they give wisdom on how to live?


Jesus, with you I can be wise because I am loved and can share love with others. Help me to not only behave but to also love others while I obey. Help me to not just be smart, but to use my smarts to encourage others. Amen.

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