Have you ever tried to fit in by doing something wrong?


Proverbs 1:10. My son, if sinners entice you, do not consent.

Everybody likes to fit in. Everybody wants to be a part of the group. Everybody wants to have friends. But Solomon is warning his son that often we choose the wrong friends. Often we choose to listen to sinners. Of course everyone is a sinner, but Solomon is talking about people who like to sin. They sin and don’t care who it hurts. They know something is wrong but they do it anyway because they think it’s funny. And Solomon says that these sinners are enticing. That means that what they do is attractive or tempting. It looks like fun.  

Wisdom is the opposite of being enticed by sinners. It is trusting God instead of trusting that you won’t get caught. It is following God instead of following the crowd. It is listening to your mom and dad who really care about you, rather than the ones who don’t care about God (or you for that matter). It is being kind like Jesus instead of doing mean things even though everyone else is doing it.

Jesus never tried to fit in. He never cared what everyone else was doing, especially when it was wrong. He never got talked into doing something bad by the people around him. Instead he always did what God wanted him to do. When everyone else was mean, he was kind. When everyone else ignored the poor and the sick, he paid attention to them. When everyone disobeyed, he obeyed.

And that’s very important. Why? Because we WILL listen to sinners. We will be enticed to do bad things. But it’s going to be OK. Jesus paid for our foolishness on the cross. And knowing that we are loved like that means we don’t have to try to fit in with the sinners, because we fit in with Jesus!

Because of Jesus we will always fit in with God.

With Jesus we can say no to sin.


Make a plan for what your children should do if they are ever in a situation where they are asked to do something wrong. How can they let you know?


Jesus, because you are holy you never once gave in to sin. Thank you for enticing me to be like you so that I don’t have to fit in with sinners. Amen.


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