Has a bad friend ever tried to convince you to do something wrong?


Proverbs 1:15. my son, do not walk in the way with [sinners]; hold back your foot from their paths,

Every mom and dad is worried about who their children will be friends with. Who they will spend their time with. Solomon was worried too. Why? Because what he knows, and what your mom and dad know, is that your friends will have a big influence on you. Maybe mom and dad can tell you some stories about how bad friends convinced them to do bad things.

But what makes something bad? Well it’s not just because your mom and dad don’t like it. It’s because God doesn’t like it. That’s why King Solomon calls these bad friends sinners. They sin against God and his ways. The break God’s rules and don’t care. Which means they don’t care about others.  

And not only does doing bad things hurt others, but it also hurts you. Did you see the last word in our verse? What is it? Paths. A path is a long road that you travel one step at a time, usually very slowly. Our paths always lead to something. There are good paths and there are bad paths. And you can only be on one path at a time. You might be on a good path toward trusting God, or you might be on a bad path toward ignoring God, but you can’t be on both at the same time.

In the New Testament Jesus said to his disciples, “I am the way.” What did Jesus mean? He meant that he is our way to goodness. He is our way to God. Not by being good like him, but by trusting that he was good for us. And when we believe that Jesus was good in our place it makes us want to be good and stay away from the path of sinners just because you love Jesus.

Because of Jesus we have the path to God by his grace.

With Jesus we can walk with good friends who love God too.


If you can, go for a walk on a path or trail. Where will this trail go? What is the end? Talk about how every choice we make is a path that leads to an end.


Jesus, you are my path. Let me walk with you through my life and love what you love. Amen.


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