Have you ever been treated unfairly? How did it feel?


Proverbs 2:9. Then you will understand righteousness and justice and equity, every good path;

When we trust and fear God we will understand who God is and what is important to him. Here is Proverbs 2:9, Solomon uses three words that are very important to God: Righteousness, justice, and equity.

  • Righteousness: God’s standard of what is best for us.
  • Justice: God’s actions that bring us into what is best for us.
  • Equity: God’s fair and equal treatment of everyone, so that everyone can experience God’s best.

Do you treat others equally? Are you fair? Do you love everyone? Are you kind to all? Do you share with anyone? Of course, if we’re honest we have to admit that we are not always equitable. We aren’t always fair. We all have favorites. And it’s OK to have friends that you enjoy and spend more time with. But God wants us to always treat others the same. If you bring cupcakes to school, bring enough for everyone. If you would invite your best friend over to play, try inviting new friends over too. And make sure you never treat someone differently just because of how they look, where they come from, or how much money they have or don’t have. That is not God’s righteousness or justice.

How do we know that God is always fair? How do we know that he treats everyone the same? We know by the cross of Jesus. Jesus died for everyone. His death on the cross is the same for the rich and the poor, the old and the young, the black, the brown, and the white, the boy and the girl. Through Jesus, God is always righteous, just, and fair.

Because of Jesus we know that God loves everyone the same.

With Jesus we can treat everyone with equity and fairness.


With Valentine’s Day coming up, plan a way you can give everyone in your school or Sunday school class a treat.


Jesus, you are always righteous, just, and fair. Help me to be fair and kind with everyone too. Amen.


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