Have you ever been treated unfairly? How did it feel?


Proverbs 2:9. Then you will understand righteousness and justice and equity, every good path;

Everyone is on a path, and everyone is either on a good path or a bad path. In school you are on a path. On your team you are on a path. In your family you are on a path. And most importantly in your character you are on a path. This lesson about paths is one of the most important lessons you can learn in your life. In every part of your life you are headed toward something good or something bad.

Right now, you are headed toward being a good friend or a bad friend. You are headed toward working hard in school or being lazy. You are headed toward always doing your best or doing just enough to get by. You are headed toward obeying your mom and dad or disobeying them. And most importantly, you are headed toward trusting God or simply trusting yourself and doing whatever you want. When you trust God and fear him (honor and respect him) then you are on a good path.

The good news is that you never, ever have to stay on a bad path. You can’t be on a good path and a bad path at the same time, but you can change paths whenever you want. You can start being friendly. Start working hard, start obeying, start trusting God.

When you were born you were on a bad path, away from God. But when you trusted in Jesus to save you, you changed paths. Now you are headed toward God and his love. And you can change paths in your everyday life too. And Jesus will help you! The more you trust his love for you, the more you will choose his path.

Because of Jesus we can be on the path toward God and his love.

With Jesus we can change paths from bad to good whenever we want.


It’s time to take another walk together as a family. This time change paths. Talk about why you might take another path. Is there a path in your family’s life that needs to change?


Jesus, you are my path to God. Help me change my paths from bad to good whenever I need to. Amen.


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