Have you ever acted without thinking first? What happened?


Proverbs 2:11. discretion will watch over you, understanding will guard you,

Yesterday we learned about how God guards us by giving us discretion. Today we will talk about discretion’s friend, understanding. What is understanding? Understanding is the ability to choose the better of two things. Understanding doesn’t just ask “What CAN I do?” It asks, “What SHOULD I do?” Understanding can see two choices and decide which one is the best one.

Sometimes choosing between two things is very easy. Lie or tell the truth? Share or be selfish? Be a bully or be a friend? Those choices are easy because we know what God is like (he’s loving and kind). And that’s wisdom. But sometimes the choices are much harder. Often it is difficult to know which is the BEST way to do something. For example, we know we should be kind, but what is the best way to be kind? Or, we know we should make others happy, but how do we make people happy without hurting them in the long run? Sometimes sin makes people happy doesn’t it? Knowing what is best takes understanding.

Like we said yesterday, God’s wisdom isn’t magic. Understanding isn’t something that we get through a fairy godmother or a wizard’s spell. Understanding comes only when we ask questions, and talk through our choices.

Of course, Jesus helps us doesn’t he? But not in a magical way, zapping us with understanding with his magic wisdom wand. No. Jesus helps us have understanding because his cross shows us the best way to live. The cross shows us both God’s love and our sinfulness. Understanding these two things is what makes us wise. And remembering that people are both sinful but also loved by God helps us know what is best for them.

Because of Jesus we can understand what is best for ourselves and others.

With Jesus we can help others move away from sin and toward God’s love.


Try some “Good, Better, Best” scenarios with your kids. For example: “Mom asks you to set the table. What would be a good, better, best response?


Jesus, your cross tells me I need to move away from sin and toward your love. Help me to always understand these two BEST truths. Amen.


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