Is there anyone you will love forever? Who?


Proverbs 3:3. Let not steadfast love and faithfulness forsake you; bind them around your neck; write them on the tablet of your heart.

Yesterday we talked about God’s steadfast love for us, his hesed. Today we will talk about God’s faithfulness, his emet.

The Hebrew word emet can also be translated as truth. God always tells the truth. And God will always tell you the truth. The truth about everything, but most importantly the truth about yourself and your sin. God will let you know when you are headed down an unwise path. God will faithfully let you see your mistakes and feel bad about them. God won’t let you get away with sin. Why not? Because he loves us and because he is faithful to us. He is in a covenant with us through Jesus.

Jesus, talked about truth a lot. He said, “I am the truth.” And he said that “The truth will set you free.” How does God tell us the truth about who we are and about our sin? Through Jesus and his cross. The cross is the most honest and faithful thing ever. The cross is honest with us about how bad we are. We’re so bad that God had to die for us. We’re so helpless that only Jesus dying for us could save us.

This is all hard to hear, but aren’t you glad that God is so honest, truthful, and faithful with us? I know I am. When we know the truth about our sin we can turn to Jesus to save us and help us can’t we? We can turn to his steadfast love to remind us that no matter how bad we are God will never give up on us.

Because of Jesus we know the truth about ourselves and our sin.

With Jesus I don’t have to be afraid of the truth.


Play a “Truth Game” together. Ask each other questions where the truth must be told. Is it easy to tell the truth? Is it hard? Why?


Jesus, you will always tell me the truth. You will always be faithful. Help me to trust you even when you are showing me my sin. Amen.


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