Do you write down things that are important? Like what?


Proverbs 3:3. Let not steadfast love and faithfulness forsake you; bind them around your neck; write them on the tablet of your heart.

Over the past two days we have talked about God’s steadfast love and his faithfulness. God always loves us and God always tells us the truth. If you really want to be wise, it starts by never, ever forgetting these two truths about God. That’s why Solomon says to bind them around your neck and write them on your heart

Have you ever worn a necklace? Often a necklace represents something important to the person wearing it. Each time you look in the mirror or look down you can see the necklace and you are reminded of that special thing. That’s how God’s love and faithfulness should be. “Around our neck.” Always close to us. Always on our mind. Never forgotten.

Then Solomon goes further and says that we should write God’s love and faithfulness on the tablet of our hearts. In the Bible your heart is the most important part of you. It’s what controls you. It’s that deep part of you that decides what you love and what you care about. Solomon (and God) are asking us to trust God’s love for us so much that it becomes the center of our life, allowing us to love God and love others with all our heart.  

The good news is that when we ask Jesus to come live in our hearts he is the one doing the writing on the tablet of our heart. His love and faithfulness are always close like a necklace, and always changing our hearts until one day we will love just like him, and be faithful just like him. What a great day that will be!

Because of Jesus my heart is full of God’s love and faithfulness.

With Jesus my heart is becoming like his.


Find some craft supplies and make “God loves me” necklaces.


Jesus, write your love and faithfulness on my heart until I become like you. Amen.


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