What does it mean to honor someone?


Proverbs 3:35. The wise will inherit honor, but fools get disgrace.

Yesterday we introduced the truth that we reap what we sow. Do you remember what that means? Here in Proverbs 3:35 Solomon gives us another “reap what you sow” proverb. The wise will inherit honor. The fools will inherit disgrace.

Honor is a very big deal in the Bible, and it still is around the world today. Having honor (respect for your honesty, integrity, and hard work) is far more valuable than any possession or money you might get. A rich person can be very foolish and disgraceful (cheating, stealing, over working). And a poor person can have great honor (honesty, hard-working, sharing). If you are wise and try your best in school you might still fail the test, but you will have honor, and that is far more important. The wise person wants to honor God more than anything else. Not just by being good, but by trusting him above all else.

The wise person not only honors God, but will also be honored BY God. Solomon calls it our inheritance. Our inheritance is what we will get from God at the end of this time on earth. We will get a new earth, we will get to be with God, and we will receive honor from God for being wise. For trusting him and his Son, Jesus. AS the Apostle Peter says, “Honor is for those who believe in Jesus,” and “Whoever believes in him will never be put to shame.”

Does that describe you? Have you honored God by trusting in Jesus to save you? Do you honor God by trusting Jesus day by day to fill your heart with his love? Do you know that God wants to honor you! He wants to cheer you on, celebrate your faith, and praise your life as a picture of his great grace. And one day he will. Jesus will honor you in front of God just like God honors Jesus in front of you.

Because of Jesus we will be honored by God.

With Jesus we can live lives that honor God by trusting Jesus.


Honor one another (Rm. 12:10). Go around and say something honorable about each other – their kindness, integrity, honesty, sharing, etc.


Jesus, I don’t want to be a disgraced fool today, I want to be honored by you. Help me to be honorable today, honest, hard-working, and kind. Amen.

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