Do you have a favorite love story? Beauty and the Beast? Cinderella?


The book of Ruth in the Bible tells us one of the greatest love stories ever told. It took place during the same time as the book of Judges. Even in one of the worst of times there were still people who loved God and trusted his love for them.

The story of Ruth starts out very sad. Ruth is a young woman who becomes a widow. Do you know what a widow is? At the same time, Ruth’s mother-in-law, Naomi’s, also becomes a widow? Back in the Bible days, life for a widow was very hard. A widow couldn’t buy land or get a job. Ruth and Naomi had no land, no jobs, no family, and no food. They would need a rescuer. A redeemer. And so God sent a man named Boaz to help Ruth and Naomi. Boaz was related to Naomi and the law of God said that he should help her and Ruth. He was their “Redeemer.”

God worked everything out. Before Ruth and Boaz even knew who each other were, God had Ruth go to work in Boaz’s field. Boaz loved God and he loved people too. Especially those who needed help. Boaz protected Ruth from harm and gave her a job. He made sure she was OK. He prayed for Ruth and always made sure that Ruth and Naomi had plenty of food to eat. He was good man.

All of this was pretty shocking because Ruth was not an Israelite. She was a foreigner from a place called Moab. Israelites didn’t like Moabites very much and they even considered them to be cursed. But Boaz didn’t care. He loved Ruth and Naomi anyway. And when Ruth found out that Boaz was her family’s redeemer she went to him in the dark of night and here is what she said to Boaz:

Ruth 3:9. “Spread your wings over your servant, for you are a redeemer.”

Just like Ruth we have a redeemer too, Jesus. Like Boaz, Jesus loves us, and protects us, cars for us, and brings us into his family with God. Like Ruth, we can love and trust our redeemer, Jesus, who makes everything good in the end.

Because of Jesus we are redeemed from our sin and sadness by God’s kindness.

With Jesus we know that God will take care of us forever.


Watch or read one of your favorite love stories together. Talk about how much God loves us and rescues us from sin, sadness, and even death through Jesus.  


Jesus, you are my Redeemer that has rescued me from my sin and brought me into your family forever. Thank you! Amen.

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