Have you ever done something wrong and then tried to cover it up?


The Bible teaches us that everyone is a sinner. And it teaches us that we are all able to be very, very selfish at times. Even a good king like David. Even you and me. And the Bible also teaches us that we can never hide our sin from God. He always knows what we’ve done. But he also always loves us, even when we sin.

There’s a story in the Bible about a time when King David committed a terrible sin and tried to cover it up. David decided that he wanted one of his best friend’s wife to be his own wife. That’s very bad. Then he decided to send his friend, to the front line of a battle where he knew he would be killed. That’s very, very bad. David sinned horribly. And David tried to hide it from God and everyone else. He couldn’t admit that he had done a terrible thing. He just went on with his life as if nothing had happened. God was very sad and very angry. So God sent a prophet named Nathan to David to help him see the horrible sin he had committed. Nathan told David a story about a man who stole and ate another man’s lamb. King David was furious. And then Nathan looked at David and said these words:

2 Samuel 12:7. Nathan said to David, “You are the man! 

Do you think God forgave King David? He did. Why? Because God had promised to love David no matter what. Even when he sinned.

Can you admit when you do wrong things? Can you tell others that you’re sorry when you have hurt them or when you have disobeyed? That can be really hard to do, can’t it? But when we know that God has forgiven us through Jesus, we are able to stop making excuses for our sins and, instead, we can admit when we do wrong. We can apologize. We can try to make things right if possible. And, most importantly, we can know that God still loves us, no matter what terrible thing we have done. Why? Because Jesus was punished for our sins on the cross, and he has promised to love us forever just like he did King David.

Because of Jesus I know I will always be forgiven by God.

With Jesus I can admit when I’ve done something wrong.


Talk about saying “I’m sorry.” Is there anything you need to say you’re sorry for to someone in your family?


Jesus, because of you I am forgiven. Help me to stop making excuses when I sin and say I’m sorry to God and make things right with others. Amen.

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