Who do you pay attention to the most?


Proverbs 5:1. My son, be attentive to my wisdom; incline your ear to my understanding,

Has your teacher ever had to tell the class to pay attention? I once had a teacher that would pause every once in a while and ask us “Are you listening?” That’s what Solomon is doing here to start chapter five of Proverbs; he’s making sure that his son is still paying attention and still listening.

Paying attention is a skill. What I mean is that it is something that you have to practice and work hard at in order to become a good listener. Some of us have shorter attention spans than others. Some are easily distracted. Sometimes we just don’t feel like paying attention and listening to wisdom because we just want to do what we want to do. That’s why Solomon had to say it again and again to his children. That’s why so many of the proverbs sound like the same thing over and over, because a lot of the time we simply aren’t paying attention, are we?

The same thing that Solomon is reminding his kids about is what Jesus is reminding us about every day too – pay attention to my wisdom, listen to me. Remember that Jesus IS the wisdom of God. So we don’t only pay attention to what Jesus says; we pay attention to who Jesus is – our Savior! He IS understanding. To understand the world, we must understand Jesus.

How often do you think about Jesus? Are you paying attention to him? Are you remembering what he did for you on the cross? Are you listening to him by reading your Bible and by listening to the people that love you? How can you pay attention to Jesus more?

Because of Jesus we can have wisdom and understanding.

With Jesus we can pay attention to God.


Play an attention game like “What’s On the Tray.” Place 10 items on a tray and look at it for one minute. Then have every one list as many of the items as they can. Talk about how we must focus on Jesus in this same way.


Jesus, I want to pay attention to you, listen to you, and understand you more and more. Help me to do this today. Amen.


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