Have you ever had to guard something and keep it safe?


Proverbs 5:2. that you may keep discretion, and your lips may guard knowledge.

Yesterday we heard Solomon tell his kids to pay attention to his wisdom. Today his words will become even more serious sounding – keep and guard. Have you ever seen a soldier guarding something, or a security guard in a store? What do guards do?

Solomon wants us to guard or protect knowledge with our lips. What knowledge? The knowledge of God. Do you know God? Do you know about him, or do you really know him as your friend and your savior? Do you fear him? Do you love, respect, and serve him? Do you care about what he cares about?

If you do know God, Solomon wants you to guard your relationship with him with your lips – the things you say. Others may use their words to try to convince you to do something wrong. Others might tell lies, or say mean things to people. But in those moments we can use our words too. We can guard our knowledge of God and his kindness, truth, and love with what we say in response. Our lips can speak up for what is right. Our lips can say kind things when others say mean things.

When you have a knowledge of who God is and especially what he has done for you through Jesus, your lips (your words) can and should match what you know. Do you know that Jesus is kind? So say kind things. Do you know that Jesus is truth? Say truthful things. Guard what you know to be true about Jesus by saying it over and over again. Practice saying out loud what you know about Jesus so that you won’t be fooled by what other people say.

Because of Jesus we can know the truth about God.

With Jesus we can guard the truth with our words.


Make Ephesians 4:29a or 4:32 a family memory verse.


Jesus, you have filled my heart with the knowledge of who God is. Help me to guard that knowledge with the things I talk about. Amen.


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