Do you have any special necklaces? What makes them special?


Proverbs 6:21. Bind them on your heart always; tie them around your neck.

Often when something is special to someone or when they don’t want to lose something they will tie it around their neck as a necklace. Have you ever done that?

Do you remember yesterday’s verse? Solomon told his children to listen to the commandments and teachings of their dad and mom. Today he is telling them to not just listen but to treasure and think about the teaching of dad and mom. He says bind them on your heart, and tie them around your neck. When dad and mom teach you the ways of God that is a special treasure that you should never lose. When they teach you about God’s love for you, and how God sent Jesus to save you, make sure it goes into your heart. Make the truth of Jesus like a special necklace that you wear to remind you of how much you are loved by God.

What does it mean to bind (tie) what our parents teach us to our hearts? This is a figure of speech that means to trust something with all your heart. To think about it often. It means to remember it without forgetting. To let it change how you act. When dad and mom tell you something, do you try to remember it or do you forget it right way? It’s pretty normal to forget things, which is why we have to keep hearing them over and over. And that’s why dads and moms need to keep talking to their children about God and his love through Jesus over, and over, and over again. And kids need to remember that when dad and mom are talking about Jesus and his salvation, that’s the most important truth ever.

Because of Jesus we always have the love of God.

With Jesus we can always remember that God loves us.


Look at any special necklaces that you have together. What makes them special? What do they help you to remember? This is what we need to do with the love of God – tie it around our neck to remember it.


Jesus, help me to remember that you love me. Help me to bind your love to my heart and believe it. Amen.


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