Have you ever saved up your money for something?


Proverbs 7:1. My son, keep my words and treasure up my commandments with you;

Solomon is continuing to warn his children and encouraging them to be good listeners, and good obeyers Are you a good listener? Do you listen to mom and dad? Are you a good obeyer? Do you obey God? Mom and dad?

Often we only listen in the moment but then turn around and forget what we’ve been told. Sometimes we listen to God’s commandments but don’t really understand them or don’t really care that much about them, so we forget what we heard. Many people think that what God says and what their parents say is outdated or not useful for their life today.

But Solomon tells his kids to treasure my commandments. What do you treasure? What are you saving up to buy? We treasure something when we believe that it is very valuable. We hide treasure so that no one will steal it. Is that how you treat God’s commands? Mom and dad’s commands? I hope so. The commands of God are all for your good and will make your life full of wisdom and grace.

King David (Solomon’s dad) said, “Your word have I treasured in my heart, that I might not sin against you (God).” To treasure God’s words, his commands, is to treasure God. In the Gospel of John, it tells us that Jesus IS God’s Word. That means that to treasure God’s word is to treasure Jesus. You see, God’s words and commandments aren’t just a bunch of rules, they’re part of a relationship with God. They’re how God loves us and how we love God. And the same is true of your parents. They love you by giving you commandments to obey. And you love them when you treasure up those words and let them live in your heart.

Because of Jesus we can know God’s word (Jesus himself).

With Jesus we can obey God’s and mom and dad’s commandments.


Make Psalm 119:11 a family memory verse.


Jesus, to treasure God’s commandments is to treasure you. To treasure mom and dad is to treasure their commandments. Help me to do both today. Amen.


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