Have you ever gotten something in your eye? What did you do.


Proverbs 7:2. keep my teaching as the apple of your eye;

We naturally protect our eyes don’t we. If dust or sand is blowing around us we close our eyes to protect them. Maybe you’ve worn protective goggles in the pool or while doing a project. God even built natural eye protection into your face – eye lids, eye lashes, eye sockets all protect the eye. Why? Because our sight is very important isn’t it?

In ancient times the center of the eye (the pupil – do you know what a pupil is?) was called the apple of the eye. Whatever you kept as the apple of your eye was what was most important to you. Maybe because what is most important to us is what we literally try to look at the most. What posters do you have hanging up in your bedroom or in your school locker? What do you look at the most?

We look at what we love. And what we look at the most is what we become. What we look at controls us. Solomon wants his children to look at his teachings, which are God’s teachings. He wants his children to love God’s wisdom and God’s ways. For us that means looking at Jesus. It means making Jesus the apple of our eye. Why? Because he keeps us as the apple of HIS eye. Look at what King David said in the psalms:

Psalm 17:8. [God] Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings,

God loves us. He always keeps us in his sight. He never stops staring at us. How do we know? Because Jesus died for us, that’s how. If Jesus loves us enough to die for our sins, then we can be sure that he will keep loving us until the end.

Because of Jesus we are the apple of God’s eye.

With Jesus we can keep looking at God’s love by looking at Jesus.


Look at the pictures or posters in your house. Do they reveal what you love the most? How might you look at Jesus more?


Jesus, you love me and can’t stop looking at me. Help me to love you and to keep my eyes on you too. Amen.


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