Have you ever taken something old and made it look new again?


Do you remember how the Bible begins? Here’s the first verse in the Bible:

Genesis 1:1. In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

In the beginning God made all things. He made the sky and the land, and he made everything that filled up the sky and land. All the plants and animals, fish and birds. He made everything. And he made it all very good. He made everything as a glorious place for us to live with him forever. The earth was a model of God’s heavenly temple. A place where we could worship and serve God forever.

But then, because of our sin, everything in creation was cursed. It became full of really dangerous things. Bad things. Like diseases and storms. And we became full of bad things too. Like anger, and hate, and selfishness. The earth became a sinful place full of sinful people like you and me. It’s a really big problem. But the good news is that God has a plan to fix the problem. Listen to what Isaiah 65:17 says:

Isaiah 65:17. For behold, I [God] create new heavens and a new earth,

God is going to give the earth a really big do-over. You see, we aren’t going to live forever up in the clouds. We are going to live forever on a NEW EARTH. A better earth. An earth without sin, or hate, or selfishness, or diseases, or storms. God is going to fix his creation he loves. How can we be sure? Just look at Jesus.

When Jesus was resurrected he had the same body but it was new. It was perfect. One day, if we trust in Jesus, we will be resurrected like him into new bodies that will live on God’s new earth. That’s how Jesus could die for us, because he knew he would get everything back from God. And we know that we will get everything back from God too when we are resurrected like Jesus.

Because of Jesus we will live forever with God on the new earth.

With Jesus we can share knowing God will give us everything we need.


Is there something that you can give away as a family? (toys, clothes, etc.) We can give things away because we know God will give us everything in the future.


Jesus, you will fix everything one day. I can’t wait to live with you forever on the new earth that you have fixed. Amen

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