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In the Old Testament, no one could ever see the full glory of God. God’s glory is the bright lights that shine from him like lightning and rainbows. But God’s glory is so amazing that to see it would kill us. In fact, the Old Testament says that no one can see God and live. Once, when Moses asked to see God’s glory, God only let him see his back and not his front. He covered Moses’ face up so that he could survive seeing God.

But God’s glory is more than just bright lights, and lightning bolts, and fire that shoots out from God. His real glory is who he is. His character. God’s glory is his love, and his mercy, and his grace, and his kindness. These are the ultimate glory of God.

In John’s gospel the idea of God’s glory is a really big deal. And to John, God’s glory is not bright light that blinds us but instead God’s glory is Jesus. Jesus? Yes, Jesus. Listen to what John says in John 1:14:

John 1:14. And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.

Remember in the Old Testament nobody ever really saw God’s full glory. But John is saying that when we look at Jesus we see the fullness of God’s glory. Not as bright lights and fire. Not as rainbows and lightning. But as grace and truth. That’s what Jesus reveals, God’s grace and truth. And that’s why the cross of Jesus is the most glorious thing ever, because at the cross we see God’s grace and God’s truth come together as the punishment for all sin (truth) and the forgiveness of all sin (grace). When we trust in the cross of Jesus we too share in the glory of God, and we can show the glory of God (grace and truth) to the world around us.

Because of Jesus we can share in God’s glory.

With Jesus we can show the world God’s glory – his grace and truth.


Watch the movie Cars together (or the trailer below). Talk about how Lightning McQueen was shown grace and truth. How did he show grace at the end?


Jesus, you are the ultimate glory of God. You are the most important. Help me to show your glory to others by being kind and telling them about you. Amen.

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