How old would you like to live to be?


Proverbs 9:11. For by me your days will be multiplied, and years will be added to your life.

This is a good place for us to talk about how we read the book of Proverbs. The book of Proverbs is full of wisdom statements that sound like promises. What is the promise in today’s verse?

That’s right. God seems to be promising that if we are wise we will live a long life. Your days will be multiplied and years will be added.

But it’s important for us to understand that the proverbs aren’t meant to be absolute promises that are guaranteed to come true. They are principles that often do come true, but not always. Yes, it is true that a wise person is more likely to have a healthy, happy life than the foolish person, and maybe even live longer. But it is also very true that bad things still happen to wise people. Many very wise and godly people have not always lived a long time. Like Jesus. He was only in his 30s when he was crucified, but he was the wisest person ever.

Of course there is one promise that God makes to us about wisdom that will definitely come true. If we are wise and trust in Jesus as our savior and ask him to take away our sins, then we will live forever in Heaven with him. Our days will be multiplied and years will be added forever and ever.

Because of Jesus we are promised eternal life when we trust in Jesus.  

With Jesus we can be wise no matter what happens to us, good or bad.


Draw a picture of what you think life in Heaven with Jesus will look like.


Jesus, you promise that I can have eternal life if I believe in you and what you did for us on the cross. Today I want to believe in you and not my own ability to be wise. Amen.


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