If you were given a million dollars what would you do with it?


Proverbs 10:15. A rich man’s wealth is his strong city; the poverty of the poor is their ruin.

How did you answer the “Think Together” question? Would you spend your money on yourself? Do you spend your money only on yourself now?

Solomon is warning us that we can see our money, or our wealth, as the thing that is our strong city. What does that mean? Well back then cities were more like fortresses with big walls around them to keep out the bad guys. Weak cities got conquered, but strong cities survived. If you wanted to survive the attack you would run as fast as you could into the city. A strong city was your security.

But a strong city might also be your status. If you lived in the biggest, strongest city you would feel proud and better than people from the smaller, weaker cities. Sort of like when your city’s team wins the Super Bowl or the World Series. Everyone has a big party in the city. That city now has a greater status.

For many people that’s exactly what their money is – their security and their status. That’s why we buy cool things to show off, and why we don’t give away our money for fear of not having enough. We are trusting in our wealth instead of in Jesus. Do you ever do that? What about mom and dad?

Jesus is a way better “city” than our money. Why? Because only he can protect us in life and in death. Only he can give us a status that will never go away. You can love money, but it will never love you back. If you love Jesus, he has already loved you in the first place and will always love you back.

Because of Jesus you don’t have to trust in your money, you can trust God instead.

With Jesus you are always secure and always loved.


Look at pictures of cities together. Why do people move to cities? Often to make more money. Do you like cities? Why or why not? Do you like money? Why or why not?


Jesus, I want to trust you more than anything else, especially money. You are my “strong city” that I will run into to be safe and feel good. Amen.


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