Do you love money?


Proverbs 11:4. Riches do not profit in the day of wrath, but righteousness delivers from death.

The Bible has a lot to say about money, and most of it is a warning. Why? Because most of us are very tempted by money? We love money. We want more and more money. But often, the more money we have the less we trust in God. Often more money distracts us from living for God and others and makes us more selfish. The more money we have the more money we spend, and then we “need” more money, and so on and so on.

Solomon is warning his kids about money and the day of wrath. That is what he is calling God’s judgment day. Did you know that there is a day coming when God will judge everyone? And on that day God won’t care at all about how much money you have. Whether you are rich or you are poor God will only care if you were righteous. How do we become righteous? By trusting in Jesus. Whoever believes in him has eternal life and eternal righteousness, no matter how much money they have.

When we have trusted in Jesus and have his righteousness, then we can go around doing the right thing with our money. We can spend our money on helping others. We can use it to build God’s kingdom, the church. We can share and give, just like Jesus did.

Because of Jesus we have his righteousness that delivers us from death.

With Jesus we can share what we have with others.


Make a plan with your kids for setting aside money to share and give to others in need. Have you talked to your kids about giving to the church? Help them to see the importance of not trusting in money to make them feel important, but rather rusting in Jesus alone.


Jesus, thank you for sharing your righteousness with me. Help me to do what is right with everything you have given to me, including my money. Amen.


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