What happens to us when we die?


Proverbs 11:7. When the wicked dies, his hope will perish, and the expectation of wealth perishes too.

Do you ever wonder what happens to us when we die? The Bible says that when we die we either live forever with God or we don’t. And it says that the only way to live forever with God is to trust in his salvation for us through Jesus. Jesus died on the cross in our place, making it possible for us to receive his sinless eternal life as a gift. The Bible calls this our hope.

In the Bible, a wicked person is anyone who does not put their hope in God through Jesus. Solomon says that when a wicked person dies he has not hope of eternal life. Why not? Because he didn’t trust in Jesus to save him, he trusted in something else, like maybe his wealth.

If you died today would you go to heaven to live forever with God?

If you answered yes, let me ask you this – Why should God let you into heaven to live with him forever? What is your answer? What is your hope?

Because of Jesus we can have hope of eternal life.

With Jesus we trust in God, not our wealth to save us.  


Listen to the song “All My Hope” by David Crowder.


Jesus, I know I was born wicked but you can and will save me. Please give me your eternal life so that all my hope is in you and not me or my stuff. Amen.


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