Where is Jesus right now? (This is a bit of a trick question meant to get your kids thinking – Jesus is bodily in heaven and spiritually in us – keep reading)


Some people think that the only things that are real are the things we can see and touch and feel. But the Bible tells us that there are invisible things that are real too. We call these spiritual things. In fact, God himself is invisible. God is a spirit without a physical body. But when Jesus became a person he became physical with a body that could be seen, and touched, and heard. He became a human like us.

Where did you say Jesus is right now?

After Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead he went back up into heaven. Now Jesus is seated on his heavenly throne as a person with a body.

But Jesus also promised us that he would never leave us. But how can Jesus be in heaven and with us at the same time? The answer is the Holy Spirit. Listen to the promise Jesus made to his disciples just before he died on the cross:

John 14:16.And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever.

Jesus calls the Holy Spirit “Another Helper.” Jesus is saying that he is our Helper (our friend) and that the Holy Spirit will be ANOTHER Helper just like him – only better. Better than Jesus? Yes. Because Jesus was in a body he couldn’t be with everyone all the time. But because the Holy Spirit is a spirit without a body he can be inside every Christian at the same time.

What does that mean? It means that Jesus, by the Holy Spirit, is living inside of every single Christian, loving them, guiding them, caring for them, all at the same time forever. Now the Holy Spirit is our true best friend who will never leave us and never give up on us no matter what.

Because of Jesus the Holy Spirit is with us forever. 

With Jesus we always have a best friend.


My Best Friend by Hillsong Kids is a fun song about Jesus our best friend.


Jesus, thank you for being with me forever and for living inside of me through the Holy Spirit. Teach me to trust you more very day. Amen.

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