Have you gotten any good advice lately?


Proverbs 12:15. The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, but a wise man listens to advice.

Have you ever heard someone say that we should “follow our hearts?” Or, “Be true to yourself?” I’ve heard it a lot. On TV. In movies. From people I know.

But God (and Solomon) say that this is the way of the fool. The fool is right in his own eyes. That means the fool only listens to herself. The fool tries to follow his own heart without listening to anyone else. The fool tries to be “true to themselves” and rejects what others might have to say.

(Ironically the fool that only listens to themselves is doing so because other people have told them that this is the best way to live)

God wants us to listen to others, not just ourselves. He wants us to seek good advice. From our parents. From our grandparents. From our pastors. From our teachers and coaches. Even from good friends. God wants us to know that often the last person we should listen to is ourselves. Why? Because often we have decided what we WANT to do without being able to see what is BEST to do.

But others can sometimes see what is best for us. Especially others who are wise and fear God. And they likely have already gone through what we are going through now.

Of course, the best advice comes from Jesus. We should always start by listening to him first. Always ask, “What did Jesus say about this?” Or, “what does the Bible say about this?” When you know and trust Jesus you have the best advice living in your heart helping you to think and feel like he does. You have access to God’s truth and wisdom all the time. The question is, are you listening?

Because of Jesus we have access to God’s wisdom all the time.

With Jesus we can always know what is the best thing to do – love like he does.


Practice asking each other for advice. Is there anything going on in your life that you are not sure what to do?


Jesus, help me to always seek good advice and not just do whatever I alone think is best. Amen.

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