TLIC Family. Day 365. December 31: Come Lord Jesus.


What are looking forward to today?


Here’s how the Bible ends:

Revelation 22:20. He who testifies to these things says, “Surely I am coming soon.” Amen. Come, Lord Jesus!

A promise: Surely I am coming soon.

A prayer: Come Lord Jesus.

Have you ever prayed a prayer like this? Is “Come Lord Jesus” your prayer for the new year? Do you look forward to Jesus coming back for us?

Sometimes Christians are afraid of Jesus coming back. Maybe they’re afraid of being judged by God and being found guilty. Or maybe they think Jesus will come back and be disappointed with them. But that would mean that his death on the cross didn’t actually work, wouldn’t it?

Sometimes Christians don’t want Jesus to return because all their dreams are in this life and in this time and place. Like winning the trophy, or going to a super fun place, or meeting a boyfriend or girlfriend.

And sometimes Christians simply forget about Jesus coming back. It’s been 2000 years since Jesus made this promise to us – “Surely I am coming soon.” Soon? Two thousand years doesn’t sound like “soon” does it?

But the Bible tells us that for God one thousand years is like only one day. And it also says that Jesus hasn’t come back yet because he wants more and more people to trust in him and be saved.

So why would we pray for Jesus to come back soon?

Only if we could see God as the most beautiful, the most exciting, and the most satisfying person in the whole universe. Only if the idea of living with Jesus and worshiping God on a perfect Earth without any problems, sickness, hatred, or death sounds good to you. And only if being loved perfectly and loving everyone else perfectly seems like a great way to live.

So may we today and every day this new year pray, “Come Lord Jesus!”, while we remember that our Lord Jesus has already come into our hearts.

Because of Jesus we will live forever with God and it will always be amazing.

With Jesus he will live inside of us forever and even when it’s hard you can always trust God no matter what.


Do a “year in review” together. Talk about all the good and hard times you’ve had as a family this year. What things make you want Jesus to come back quickly? What things make you thankful for Jesus taking care of you this past year? What things remind you of how great Heaven will be?



Come quickly!



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